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The “Old Continent” has always been of great importance for IHI Corporation. Europe -having historically spearheaded innovation, culture and technology- parallels the values Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries was founded on in 1853. Although historically a domestic company, when IHI Corporation’s pioneers first set eyes on sharing their engineering expertise abroad- they found no better place than London as the hub for new projects, partnerships and collaborations.

Following its founding in 1964, IHI Europe Ltd. has proudly lived up to being the first IHI overseas sales branch office- supporting procurement, business development, R&D and administrative activities for all IHI Group in Europe and Africa. In IHI Europe’s over 50 years of activity, it has supported IHI’s key participation in a variety of projects; from the Large Hadron Collider (Compressor) in Switzerland to Lunen USC boiler in Germany; from expansions of multiple LNG terminals across with our LNG BOG Compressors to projects with national railways utilizing our 3D Laser Radar. We have also played a key role in establishing key partnerships in aerospace. Furthermore, the African market will always be a focus especially due to Japan’s increasing vested interest in the region, and IHI has already taken steps into Algeria (Sonatrach LPG), Mozambique (Maputo GTCC), as well as Morocco (SAFI, Jorf Lasfer Boiler), DR Congo (Matadi Bridge) and Angola (PAENAL Yard heavy lift crane).

As the share of IHI’s domestic and international sales approaches 40%, we undoubtedly believe IHI Europe will play an important role in furthering the globalisation of IHI Corporation. Through the recent founding of our R&D department, IHI Europe endeavors to take an active role in shaping and developing new technologies within the region, while continuing to support existing Japanese-European collaborations. We have also a dedicated ‘Business Incubation’ division, which intends to not only bridge the gap between R&D and Business Development, but also to further leverage this region filled with innovation and prospect- as we continue to stay true to our foundations as IHI Europe.

Managing Director
Susumu Tokura

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