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IHI Europe Ltd acts as the main contact point for IHI Group customers in Europe and Africa. For enquires related to for e.g. Turbochargers (ICSI) we are happy to help, but recommend direct contact with our group companies which specialise in these areas. For contact details please see "Other Regional IHI Branch Offices in Europe and Africa."

Listed below are our most common projects we've been involved for business development, however you can find a list of the variety of equipments and sectors IHI Group deals with at IHI Corporation main website here.

Product Table (handled by IHI Europe Ltd.)

Resources, Energy and the Environment

Social Infrastructure

Industrial Systems and General-purpose Machinery

Aero Engine, Space and Defense

Liquid oxygen turbopump for the H-llA rocket LE-7A engine

Aero Engine Products

The main activity of IHI Europe Ltd. in our Aero Engine Business Development Dept. is to liaise with partner companies and customers mainly within the aero engine and gas turbine business.
IHI has the largest jet engine market share in Japan. Our activities in Japan focus on our three workshops where we do assembly work, testing and overhauls, as well as manufacture many components, big and small, including airfoils. IHI Europe stays in routine contact with all our plants and regularly conveys information between production and our customers/suppliers.

The main projects IHI Europe Ltd. is currently involved in are the V2500 engine for the A320 family, and the GE90, CF34-8/10, GEnx, RB211-524G/H, Trent 700, 800 and 500 engines.

Rocket Systems & Space Exploration

Participating in the space development of Japan, IHI has been engaged in the development and manufacture of components such as turbopumps and gas jet systems. IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd., a company with an impressive track record in solid-fuel rockets, was established in the year 2000, and the year 2012 saw the addition to the IHI Group of Meisei Electric Co., Ltd., a company with outstanding technologies for telecommunications equipment.
With propulsion system technologies as its nucleus, the IHI Group is committed to becoming a pioneer in the space industry by applying its integrated system engineering capabilities that embrace fields including rocket systems, satellites, space exploration and return to earth.

Other IHI Group Products and Services

Compact Tractors and Mowers
Compact Tractors and Mowers

Perkins-Shibaura Engines Ltd.
Frank Perkins Way
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Combustion Systems, Steam Generation, Consulting and Planning
Combustion Systems, Steam Generation, Consulting and Planning

Steinmüller Engineering, Germany

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas - Storage tanks, fuel storage terminals

Felguera IHI, Spain

Heat treatment and Surface Engineering
Heat treatment and Surface Engineering

IHI VTN, Germany

IHI Ionbond AG, Switzerland

IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V., The Netherlands

Z-PELLER® propulsion systems

Niigata Power Systems (Europe) B.V. The Netherlands


IHI Charging Systems International GmbH, Germany
(IHI Group company)

Other Regional IHI Branch Offices in Europe and Africa