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Technology and Intelligence Integration

Technology and Intelligence Integration (TII) is at the forefront of IHI groups R&D, leading the way in customer focused technology development. Embodying the IHI group philosophy of, contributing to the development of society through technology, TII has three basic goals forming the foundation of its work:

  • To be a pioneer in new and advanced technologies
  • To strengthen and adapt existing technologies for a changing and evolving world
  • To integrate technologies to develop new products and services

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IHI Europe R&D

For many years IHI Europe ltd. (IEL) has worked to investigate European technology trends and connect IHI group R&D with world class research institutions and companies based in the European region. In 2019 IEL established its first official R&D department, with the aim to strengthen European research collaborations and play a more active role in shaping the evolution of European technology developments. Areas of interest include:

  • Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies
    IEL launched IHI Additive Lab (IAL) in Cambridge, UK, in December 2019. The purpose of this lab is to accelerate AM technology development within IHI group, by leveraging the rapidly growing AM market in Europe and the UK. Research is primarily focused on Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion technologies.
  • Technology solutions for climate change
    IHI group is committed to developing technologies and services that contribute to solving the climate change problem, including technologies for decarbonisation and disaster prevention and mitigation. IEL R&D aims to be a leader for IHI group in meeting these commitments coordinating collaboration between European subsidiaries to yield innovative technology solutions.

vehicular turbocharger part produced by AM

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Further information on IHI group R&D activities can be found in the biannual publication of "IHI Engineering Review"

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